Thursday, October 20, 2011

Doors, Doors, and more Doors

Don't know why, but I've always had a fascination with doors~~front doors to be precise.
I love colorful doors~~green is nice!
Red Doors and really cool!
Blue Doors are beautiful, too!
I like fun, colorful row houses with really cool doors, too!
Red buildings are a favorite!  Can you tell?
Oh! and of course, I like french doors!

I'd love to hear from you.  I hope everyone is  having an awesome day!


  1. I love these! Doors are a favorite of mine and pathways too.

  2. Jane these are all so stunning! They would marvelous printed on some of those canvas blocks, and then hung together. I have a thing for doors, too, and have some wild ones on my pinterest board called "les portes de reve". [I dunno. That's what Google Translate said is how you say "Dreamy Doors" in French!!]

  3. I agree...these are stunning...gorgeous...and I love all of them. I have avoided the colour red in my home decor for so long...but I love using it in my art journals.

    Must find out what you are using!


    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  4. These are stunning! I also have a fascination with doors - especially those with keyhole locks and thumb latches; also paths (Hi Geri:)as well as stairwells. Thank you for sharing your art with us. Please don't stop!