Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy Little Beaver

I've finally been able to process some more of the images I took in D.C. and spent some time painting and having a wonderful time.  This first one was taken in Georgetown.  As you can see, there was still a lot of color.  Such a quaint, lovely town with lot's of wonderful shops and sweet little row houses.
Most of the time, the row houses are all connected.  But, occasionally there are skinny two story homes sitting all alone.
This one had the most brilliant tree out front.
This was another from Georgetown.  I think it was actually a Dentist's office.
This was a little covered walkway outside the Arboretum.
More doors, doors and doors.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in D.C.

We are winding down now, relaxing on our last day here in D.C., returning to Minnesota tomorrow morning.  We had a lovely time here with family, ate way too much but did get out and about quite a bit as well.  For those who have visited D.C., you know that you walk, walk, walk.  I'm not sure I walked enough to counteract all that I ate, but I sure tried.  I'm posting a few images that I took while walk, walk, walking.  My son and his wife were kind enough to get me around so that I could take lots of images.  Here's the first one of my nieces home where we had our feast.
In addition to the usual Thanksgiving fare, we also ate several Filipino dishes as my sister's husband is from the Philippines.  I'd share with you what they were, but I don't know how to spell them.  Maybe next time.
I absolutely love walking the streets of D.C.  There are such wonderful row houses throughout the entire city.  Our weather here was stellar.  The sun was out each and every day.  Just gorgeous here.
  This is all I've been able to put together so far, but I've got plenty of material to work with when I get back to the Cities.

We have so much to be thankful for.  I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving.  I know I did.

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's almost Thanksgiving

I wanted to make sure I got something posted before I leave town for D.C. to visit our son. We have people driving up from Florida, New York City and Maryland and so it should be a wonderful gathering. I've been working hard on a commissioned piece that, sadly, will not be ready before I leave. It's a particularly difficult one, but I do love a challenge.

Since we going out east, I thought I'd post some paintings taken from images in the D.C. area.
This one is from Mt Vernon where George Washington lived.

I'm not at all sure I'm ready for winter even though we've now had our first snow. So, here's one a painting from just a few weeks ago.

Here's hoping that you have a wonderful holiday.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pushing The Envelope

I've spent the last few weeks attempting to take my art to another level~~pushing the envelope, so to speak.
I've been utilizing the many digital programs available. Sometimes using 4 or five programs and plugins on each image until I find something I really like.
My favorite programs are Corel Painter 11/12, and Photoshop CS5.  And I'm using other programs as well: Topaz Adjust/Clean/Simplify, Tintii, Fractilius, DAP, Postworkshop and FotoSketcher.
Boosting those colors is a most favorite thing to do.
I can't seem to help myself.  Tintii is very helpful in isolating certain colors and saturating them.
Topaz is coming out with an updated version of Adjust in just a few more days.  It's an incredible program.
Be sure to check out the wonderful talent over at Artists in Blogland for Show and Tell Saturday. There you will see some incredible stuff.  Find then Here
Anyway, I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A few more paintings that include the painting program, Dynamic Auto Painter, as well as Topaz, Fractalius, Photoshop and Corel Painter.
I'm forever surprised at how I can take a very ho-hum image and push it to the extreme with the help of all these wonderful programs.
I remember when I took this image and was so wishing that these cars weren't in the way.  But, with the addition of paint they actually look like they belong.
These are the woods behind my house.  Sadly the leaves are all but gone, except for the yellow maples.
I dread the coming cold and snow!
A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Houses and Homes and other stuff

I've been working at pushing the envelope on some of my paintings.  I have to admit that I'm having a good time.  But, are they good enough to have printed?  How about framed?  Would anyone but me appreciate them? 
I'm so  glad I took lots of photos when I was down in Louisiana last spring.  This is another plantation house.
This is the gatehouse at the entrance of a plantation that has been given over to gardens.  Right behind it is a gully of sorts that runs parallel to the street for miles.  We found out that this was actually where the horse and buggy's used to drive up and down to get to town.
The front of yet another plantation.  The way they are able to keep these wonderful buildings in repair is that they had tours on a daily basis.  Some even converted to bed and breakfasts. 
The Stairway to nowhere.  Whatever it went to is no longer there.
An outbuilding.  Probably a cookhouse.
The gazebo in the middle of the most beautiful gardens.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Take care.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Still Fall Here

We are fortunate here in Minnesota this year.  We still have tress that are changing color and haven't lost their leaves, yet.  So, I asked the hubs to take me out for another picture shooting tour.  One of my favorite places to go is the cemetery where Mark's mom is buried.  Here are some paintings from some of the images I took in and around the cemetery.
I hope everyone is have an awesome day.