Friday, July 13, 2012

More Photos Opportunities from Upper Peninsula

Before we actually made it to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan last week, we made our first stop in Duluth, MN.  For those not familiar with Duluth, it's a mining port town on Lake Superior.  Hugh ships frequent the port taking out taconite.  Although there were no large ships in port the day we were there, I did take a few picks of the lighthouses.
Lighthouses guarding the canal.
The ships coming through are very foreboding. But, the canal also serves all the smaller crafts, sail boats and even kayakers. 
This was, I believe, an old fish processing building that has seen better days.  It's now used by adventurous swimmers who like to dive off.
Traveling onto Bayfield, Wisconsin, we stopped at a State Park where kayaks, boaters reach the Apostle Islands.  This is an old fish processing house as well.  It's now set up as a museum.
Bayfield is a quaint town with small shops and restaurants.  There is a ferry that takes cars over to Madeleine Island, kind of like the Hamptons, only in Wisconsin.
A 55 foot sailboat in the marina.  Good grief.
Lot's of old boats sitting around.  Not sure what the plan is for them.  Maybe restoration?  Don't know.

Have a great day.

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  1. Interesting photos - especially the one of the sinking building. I like the 4th one best - because of the composition and colour.