Monday, May 2, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

This is a sweet painting of my Granddaughter from an image I took one day when I was babysitting.  She can't walk yet on her own yet, but she can hold on to things and walk around them.  I really thought the lighting worked well in the way it lit up the back of her cute little head.  I took artistic license and made this work very painterly and have posted it on the ImageKind Web site in the hopes that it might sell.  What do you think.

We are still having winter here--there were snow flurry's this morning while out taking Callie for a walk.  Still no leaves on the trees, however, I did spot some tulips coming up in the neighbor's yard.

I'm hoping everyone is having a joyous day.


  1. Awwww, so sweet! I love how you blurred the background and left her face, fingers and the keys near her hand in focus....really draws the eyes in. Well done!

  2. Lovely work of art!
    No flurries but 40 here, no tulips in sight. Hugs, Amy

  3. hey, love this. So glad to have you as one of my friends, sorry for not posting sooner. I'm kinda all over the place right now. Getting ready for traveling to see my son, Daniel, graduate from Auburn University. The weather here is so beautiful can't sit and focus on the mac.
    Beautiful blog!

  4. Your work is absolutely amazing! What medium do you use?