Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Red Barn in the Woods

This is a barn that I originally took with my iPhone 5 with the camera app Fotor HDR. After transferring to my laptop, I opened it in Photoshop CS6 to resize to 11x14 at 200 dpi. I also do levels and saturation changes at this time.  Then I transferred to Corel Painter X3. I did several painted iterations, an initial paint, a muck-up paint, and an emerge paint. In addition to saving in the native Painter riff files, I also save them as jpegs so that I can work with them in Photoshop. I will typically bring all three iterations into Photoshop each with their own layer and play with blending modes, adjustment layers, color changes etc. in this particular image, I used Melissa  Gallo's canvas texture and masked out any unwanted areas and then added a Photoshop canvas texturizer in the filter gallery.

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