Thursday, July 7, 2011

Butler Greenwood Plantation

Today's painting is from an image I took while down at the workshop in Louisiana.  I actually combined two images for this painting.  In keeping with what we learned at the workshop, I used the Sargent brush to add paint and then blended the whole painting with this brush, as well.  I next went through three stages of muck ups using Scott's Sargent Brush, Den's Funky Chunky, Sharon's Dry Edge and a several other messy brushes, and eventually did an emerge to bring back some of the painting.  Finally, I made adjustments and blended several of the different layers together using different composites. 

It seems like ages ago since I went to this workshop, but it's only been about a month.  This is the plantation we stayed at which the heir and owner developed into a bed and breakfast.  Together with the cook's cottage she built several other cottages that serve to house those who are staying with her.  My cottage was called the Tree House.

Another tidbit of information is that the owner, Anne Butler, was shot five times by her husband about ten years ago and he then stood over her for several hours waiting for her to die.  She didn't, of course, and he was eventually convicted and sent to prison where he died of natural causes.  Another interesting fact is that for several years, he had been the Warden of Angola Prison.

Anne butler has written a book, which I purchased while down there, called "Weep For The Living" which details her ordeal and what she has had to go through to survive her injuries.  Anyway, this painting is from images taken right outside the front of the main house.  The style of painting we learned lends itself to the plantation's surroundings, I think.  Anyway, thought you might be interested in a little history.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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  1. Oh I wish this was my garden. you did a beautiful job.