Friday, July 1, 2011

Mother and The Queen for the Day

Continuing with the Father's Day paintings, I just realized that I had forgot to post this one.  This is our daughter Dena and, of course, The Queen for the Day.  Honestly, I didn't take a bad photo that that's a first.

At the moment, the Hubs and I are up near Nisswa on Gull Lake...something we do for his birthday/Fourth of July celebration.  We stay at a place called the Quarterdeck and love it.  We just got in from a morning of boating on this large lake.  Mark threw in a line, but sadly, no catch.  I was able to take quite a few pics, however, I've not processed them yet.  Will hopefully post some paintings from this mornings images in a day or so.  Til then, I hope everyone is have a glorious day.

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  1. HI Jane, love those beautiful curls and the painting. Yall have a great weekend and visit with ya later. xoxo