Friday, September 23, 2011


My granddaughter recently started dance class--tap and ballet.  I brought my camera hoping to get a few good images.  Unfortunately, we had to sit in a small room to the back of the dancers behind a very dirty, smudgy window with lots of reflections, making it very difficult to take pictures. But, I caught a few when she turned around.  This is a painting from one of those.  Not too bad considering all the reflections.  Anyway, I'm hoping everyone is having an awesome day.


  1. This is just wonderful, and I am mightily inspired to get out my tablet and get busy. You are amazing and I am totally in awe of your creations. So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  2. Hi Jane, oh my she has the personality. You did great my friend. I like the colors you added in the background.