Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Painterly Portrait of a Cute Dog and a Cat, too!

I decided that I needed to paint some images with a more painterly approach.  One of my mentors recently did a webinar where she showed us how she approaches a painting while also using several programs/plug-ins in her "Digital Artist Toy Box".  I had most of these programs already, but I did purchase a new one and downloaded a demo version of another.  If interested in her products and workshops, you can find her here.

Another rather fun thing happened recently.  I found an email in my mail box from a writer, Jazz singer and art lover, who writes a weekly blog column and asked if I would like to be interviewed.  Of course, I said yes and that I was very honored to be asked.  You can find that interview here.  Here name is Deborah E and the name of her blog is Scat N Style.

Both of the images used in these paintings are in the public domain and you can find the originals here, and here.


  1. Love the loose painterly effect of these paintings. I will definitely check out the link to the Toy Box...congrats on the interview - I'm off to go read that now.

  2. Wow am I liking these paintings...fresh and fun and colorful!

  3. Thanks Geri and Deb! Thought I'd try something new and different. So hard to step out of one's comfort zone!

  4. love the paintings, looks like a Rainbow kitty.

  5. These are amazing paintings. The dog is so textured and interesting. I just love the knew that I would! Thank you so much for mentioning me and I'm so glad it gave you some new ideas!