Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have to admit that watercolors have always scared me, especially trying to achieve them digitally. I happen to belong to a forum that is sharing information on how to achieve such, and so I've been experimenting a little.  I've come to the conclusion that not all images lend themselves to watercolor treatments, so I'll need to do a lot more research.
Off to watch the grandchildren at soccer this morning and then off to Cabela's so the hubs can spend his gift certificates.  He needs a new fish finder!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.


  1. Tell hubs he's wasting his money... The fish are in the water. Bwah ha ha... I crack me up!

  2. very impressed with your digital long have you been doing it ?
    I was blog hopping and found glad I did.....this is SO what I am trying to learn to do.
    I have been playing with a trial of Painter 12, but not having much luck with the Autopainting feature. Do you use it ?
    I would LOVE to know what group/forum you belong to that you are learning this.
    As am just "running in circles" it seems.

    Thank you, Rose

  3. Hope yall won at the soccer game always good for the spirits as well as cathching a fish. Have fun painting. xo