Friday, April 8, 2011

Apple Blossom

My friends at Digital Whisper used a very sweet image of an Apple Blossom for one of their challenges.  Since I'm on vacation I'm not able to access all my other images to do a photomanipulation.  So I decided to paint is like I usually do, using Photoshop to make all my adjustments and then moving to Painter 11 to paint it.  Here is the link to the original image:

Today was very warm and so spent the entire day on the beach slathered in sunscreen.  We've been walking up to 2 miles a day and trying to eat right despite all the wonderful seafood restaurants down this way.  Last night we ate at Carrabbas, which was outstanding.

I hope everyone is well and joyous.


  1. mmm...lovely! Especially like the light on the right!

  2. So fresh looking, I hope your are enjoying your vacation. Have fun and keep eating goodies for us.


  3. Beautiful painting Jane! I love pinks and greens together. The beach and warm weather sound wonderful...we're wondering if spring and warmer temperatures will ever arrive here on the west coast! (We think the same thing every year)lol.