Friday, April 15, 2011

Kids On The Beach

Well we are now back home in Minnesota and I've begun to process some of the photos I took while we were in Florida.  One of those was of two kids playing on the beach.  The sunlight was so perfect that early evening, and the kids were so cooperative.  As usual, I made most of my adjustments in Photoshop and painted it in Corel Painter 11.  I focused a lot on the lighting.

We had the most awesome weather while down there, and it was hard coming home, especially since there is yet another cold front coming through--the weather people said we could get up to two inches of snow by tomorrow.  Geez!

Anyway, we can't wait to see and spend some time with the grand kids.


  1. Jane,

    So Nice! I appreciated the larger view as I clicked on it. Wonderful color and light! Well done!


  2. Great image, I know your have some more great ones to paint. Sorry about the snow, some welcome home. Hugs

  3. The light/shadows are great! I'm with Kirk, you need to click and see the larger view to really appreciate the detail you've put in.

    More snow means more time to paint?

  4. Fabulous image Jane. I can't wait to see you do some paintings from your wonderful vacation. Sorry about the snow on your return. Hugs,