Monday, April 18, 2011

Having a Bad Day

Sometimes I can't resist painting an image of Myah when she's pouting.  She has such great expressions, whether sad, happy, pensive and any number of other great, hilarious facial expressions.  I do have a challenge when painting that hair of hers, however.  It's totally uncontrollable and wispy, flying around in all different directions.

We are, yet again, expecting bad weather--rain turning to snow.  Seems we've missed spring altogether.  The hubs is looking forward to a game of golf, at some point, but will have to wait a bit longer.  We should not complain.  We are both healthy and just back from a fabulous vacation.  We've had some time with the grand kids.  But, like most Minnesotans, we wait with anticipation for a little warmth and sunshine and a desire to get out a move around a little.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  Mary, we will think of you and wish you well.


  1. Oh this is gorgeous! What a sweetheart. I love what you've done here.

    And you're not alone in the cold...although we haven't had snow, it's felt like it was going to a few times!

  2. What a cherubic model you have...this is gorgeous and her hair looks perfect!