Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello from Sunny Florida

Well, at least it's sunny now.  We had three days of rain and were pretty cooped up.  As usual, I got a little burned the first time out.  After the winter we had in Minnesota, I needed to grab some of that vitamin D.

We were also able to visit with some of my childhood friends by having dinner one evening.  I took some pictures and painted them--a little practice so that my skills stay up to par.  One is of Cindy, her mother, Patty, and her two girls, Alisha and Beth.  The second one if of the girls by themselves.  It was lovely to see them and I'll probably be adding more as my time here goes along.

Hope everyone is having a great day.


  1. Hi there, glad to see your are just painting and painting. Yes please keep posting your work. Enjoy the sun. hugs Annette

  2. Terrific Blog Site! Love your work!
    Karen Bonaker

  3. Your blog is wonderful! Your paintings are beautiful. So happy to know you.